FrontLine PPF

At SolarFX, we are known for long-lasting, quality products at cost-effective prices.  Our new FrontLine Paint Protection Film is another great product that supports our customers’ expanding businesses and strengthens their reputation.  FrontLine PPF has been comprehensively tested and proven to not only perform, but will last in any environment. 

Stain Resistance:  Whether it is dirt, debris, salt, or mother-nature, nothing will stain or yellow Frontline.
Durability:  Ultimate impact protection for what-ever the road can throw at your vehicle.
Mirror-Like Finish:  When installed correctly, there is no noticeable difference from factory paint.
Self-Healing:  When properly heat-treated, the film will reseal itself and eliminate swirls and scratches.
Warranty:  10 years Film Replacement Warranty

From its aggressive adhesive to its flawless appearance and self-healing properties, FrontLine has set a new standard for the industry. 

The road is a battlefield so give your car’s paint the ultimate FrontLine defense!

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