A La Carte System

Powered by the godfather of all remote start modules, the AL-XX70-B, the RS-170-B is the foundation for whatever you can dream of building. Compatible with any 70 series RF/antenna offering, telematics (iDatalink protocol), sirens, sensors, OmegaLink t-harnesses, OmegaLink interface modules. From add-on start (LOCK, LOCK, LOCK from OEM remote), to aftermarket keyless start, to a full-tilt LEGENDARY security / convenience package, the RS-170-B is your one-stop platform. Stop having to choose between what is or isn't compatible.

• Supports 3x LOCK remote start (via data or analog) • Powered by the AL-XX70-B • Compatible with all OL-HRN-RS T-harnesses • Includes high current harness & all supporting harnesses for hard-wire installs • Includes new push-button LED/Valet • Supports all 70 series remote kits (page 9) • Supports all 70 series remotes simultaneously: 1-button, 1+1 button, 4-button, 2-way, etc.

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